Conversations about making babies: February 11, 2011

Meredith and I discuss the option of using a known donor via Gchat.

2:44 PM girlfriend:


gimme a drink
2:46 PM me:  ya! 6-12 months
that is what Deb said
2:47 PM           gimme a drink and stick it in
2:48 PM          what is a quarantine period?
2:49 PM girlfriend: holding the cum
which diminishes its viability anyway
i wish he* was a virginia
(* our known donor to remain nameless)
2:49 PM me: haha why?
2: 50 PM girlfriend: we could examine for bumps and discharge
well thats why they go through all that, because aids and infections and diseases
me: oh right
2:54 PM          I also wish it weren’t so goddamn expensive/time consuming
3:04 PM girlfriend: yeah thats true
i’ve found some good sample contracts though
3:05 PM         which makes me happy
3:07 PM me: oh good huny!
knowledge is power
3:08 PM girlfriend: he can’t be called daddy and can’t move in
me: I don’t want our kids to have a daddy
which they will hate me for later
but it’s cool
they can call me daddy
girlfriend: big daddy

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