Famous Foremothers: Darlene Connor

Sara Gilbert is nothing like Darlene Connor. It’s unfortunate.She is, however, a meat-free lesbian mother of two. Which is rad.

Darlene gave birth to her daughter, Sawyer, on August 2, 2007.


  1. Sisserwrobel · · Reply

  2. I don’t know what makes me happier: you reading and participating in my blog or this picture. I quizzed Meredith on the Roseanne reference and she said, “Oh yeah, she has braided pigtails, right?”

  3. Ryan Shivvvz · · Reply

    I hate that Sara Gilbert isn’t like Darlene. It confuses me when i watch that show that’s a ripoff of the View, on which she is a co-host. SHE’S TOO NICE AND NOT CLEVER! and much less Butch.

    1. Sara Gilbert would never put her little brother in a trash can, and that’s just tragic as I really respected that about Darlene. For the record, The Talk is on our DVR and we watch everyday even though I have to turn a blind eye every time SG shows up wearing heels.

  4. jackie · · Reply

    Number one you could noy tell she was gay from the Rosanna show than you had a problem. If your liked het then what’s the matter with her now people please wake up and get a life. Stop judging.._ Half of your are nothing but close case yourself.

    1. Tami jo · · Reply


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