Conversations about making babies: March 1, 2011

3:56 PM me: do you know what is lovely about office life?
3:57 PM Buddy: lazing about on the internet

me: oh yes that is good too
but I love most free food!
i think it will come in handy while preggers

3:58 PM Buddy: i want preggers time

4:05 PM Buddy: when are you pumpin full o semen
yall have been talking about it a lot

me: babies?
4:06 PM at the end of this year probably – I’ll be 31 and on my way to 32 which means when the tyke is 8 I’ll be 40!!
no time to waste

Buddy: convince my man of that too

me: he needs to recognize that he’s married the elderly class
time is now

Buddy: sounds good

4:07 PM me: meredith’s biggest drawback is us having a house
so once we get that taken care of
I say let’s make my belly bubble

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