Monthly Archives: July 2011

Can I get some Ryan Gosling sperm, already?

If Ryan Gosling is going to play hard-to-get, then I guess my next option is still to attend the “Inseminar.” The long-awaited orientation for artificial insemination put on by Fenway Health Institute, is finally upon us. So, naturally, I’m feeling a little jittery tonight. It doesn’t actually put us any closer to getting me pregnant, […]

Famous Foremothers: Rosie

Who knew so many people were looking for information on Sara Gilbert and her sexuality and/or pregnancy? I sure as hell didn’t. Maybe more people than I realized are watching her awkward gesturing and flirting with Leah Remini on “The Talk” (and maybe Alisa should just GET ON BOARD). Or maybe now that Netflix has […]

What’s good for the Queen, is good for the gander.

I learned the difference between my grandmothers at a young age based on their geographical locations. Growing up near Detroit, my grandma who lived in Florida was Grandma Down and the other, who lived beside the Mackinaw Bridge at the tip of northern Michigan, was Grandma Up. Grandma Down got her hair died blonde at […]

Anxious baby.

I had a dream last night about a baby. I’m still unsure if the baby was mine because I think it just showed up with no explanation. Despite this being my self-proclaimed Year of the Baby, I don’t often dream about motherhood, babies, raising kids, any of it. The baby wasn’t newborn but still tiny, […]