What’s good for the Queen, is good for the gander.

I learned the difference between my grandmothers at a young age based on their geographical locations. Growing up near Detroit, my grandma who lived in Florida was Grandma Down and the other, who lived beside the Mackinaw Bridge at the tip of northern Michigan, was Grandma Up. Grandma Down got her hair died blonde at the parlor, wore polyester and smelled like moth balls. She wasn’t unfriendly, but she wasn’t as warm as Grandma Up. I learned to bake cookies with my Grandma Up; visited her every summer in Mackinaw; took beach trips to Lake Michigan. Very much like my own mother, my grandma has always been very nurturing in that comforting, Midwestern, wholesome way.A couple weeks ago, I emailed her requesting information on natural remedies for anxiety, and last week she responded. Her emails always come through in bright blue, bold font full of smiley emoticons and incomplete sentences. Usually, she also shares 3-5 stories about the wildlife around her house, but this time she sticks to the business of homeopathy.

“Hi Andrea….our summer is about the same as yours…a little dry at times,  but very pretty weather.
Just what the tourists like!!
I still get my homeopathic meds from http://www.1800homeopathy.com….you can see on line what they have and order there too…I am not much for ordering on line so I usually call in an order by phone.  Anyway, there are several salts that would no doubt help…Anxiety…#320, that is a combination…more than one med in one pill….a single salt that is standard and very good too is Kali Phos….we take that any time we feel stress or anxiety…can be taken over long periods of time too.
I would suggest you ask them to send you a catalog…they will even if you only get one or two things…their catalogs give you an education all by themselves…they handle some new companies now too…Hylands and some British companies….homeopathic meds are widely used in UK.  Queen has a H. physician even.

The other thing that would help would be B-complex 50’s or 100’s…the natural type.  Spring Valley is a good company and is handled at W-mart.  Begin with one after breakfast and lunch for a few days and then just take one after lunch.  You should see improvement in just a few days.  They work for anxiety and also depression or just feeling upset.  I also take a sublingal B-12 once a day.
They taste good and melt under your tongue just like the salts do.  I get those at W-mart in the brand I already mentioned.  Only about $5.00 or so.
Sure hope this will help you out.  When you get a catalog, be sure and just read it for fun.  You can try any of the meds in there without any danger and can usually take them even along with other things.We miss you too….let me know if this helps.  Love you, Grams.”

So, I’m taking my grandma’s advice and for $8.95/bottle, stocking up on Kali Phos and Anxiety #320 salts. What’s good enough for the Queen of England, is good enough for me. I started taking B-complex a few years back, but only during the bleak winter months when everything in New England is gray and cold. But, I’ll add this back into my regimen during summer months too and see what happens. In addition, I’m a big fan of Celestial Seasonings “Sleepytime Herbal Tea.” If that little bear in his nightcap in front of the fireplace doesn’t warm your heart, I don’t know what will. I started drinking this before bed two nights ago, but I’m still not sleeping through the night. Apparently the bear and his chamomile doesn’t pack the same punch as a swig of Nyquil. I’ll update again once I’ve started taking the salts and B-complex. The link for the salts is here: http://1800homeopathy.com/.


  1. I bet Pacey is watching that bear sleep from across the living room.


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