Famous Foremothers: Rosie

Who knew so many people were looking for information on Sara Gilbert and her sexuality and/or pregnancy? I sure as hell didn’t. Maybe more people than I realized are watching her awkward gesturing and flirting with Leah Remini on “The Talk” (and maybe Alisa should just GET ON BOARD). Or maybe now that Netflix has every episode of “Roseanne” available to watch instantly, people are starting to wonder what Darlene’s up to these days. I’m not sure what’s contributing to all these searches for “sara gilbert wife;” “sara gilbert pregnant;” “darlene roseanne gay,” but it’s bringing a crapload of traffic to the blog so I’m into it.

But I’m not here about Darlene. I only bring her up because I’m curious if this next post will give her any competition. I want to shout out my girl Ro Ro: the only other woman to steal Meredith’s heart. I really think, if given the opportunity, Meredith might leave me for Rosie O’Donnell, her jet skis, her craft room, and her adopted chirren. We’ve never once driven across the Tappan Zee Bridge into West Nyack without Meredith mentioning the love of her life, who lives in this area of New York.

The backdrop looks superimposed.


After Rosie quit pretending to melt over Tom Cruise and his Xenu charm, she got herself a lady and adopted a bunch o’ babies. Parker came first, then Chelsea and Blake. Once she got murried to her wife Kelli, they knocked her up with some sperm and made Vivienne. What I appreciate about Rosie and her brood is that she puts those kids on the internet for our entertainment. I don’t like the celebrities that keep their kids hidden away from the camera’s eye and my gawking curiosity. Even though Kelli and Rosie split in late 2009, they continue to co-parent the four kids they raised together for several years. And funny videos of those kids can always be found on Rosie’s blog: http://www.rosie.com/.

** For more on gawking at celebrities and their babies, I get my kicks here: http://alisameetsworld.blogspot.com/


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