A follow-up from Grandma Up

The bottles I ordered from 1-800-Homeopathy arrived on our doorstep last week. I ended up ordering Anxiety #320 and Sleep #173 to piggyback with my Sleepytime herbal tea. I’ve been taking two or three tissue salts of Sleep #173 at night, washing it down with tea and sleeping very soundly.

It’s been a nice return to my deep sleeping days of high school when my mom used to say, “Waking you for school is like trying to wake the dead.”

I also discovered Celestial Seasonings makes a Sleepytime EXTRA with added Valerian root. An 8 oz cup of that plus my tissue salts: goodnight nurse.

I haven’t noticed any real difference in the anxiety levels, but Grams wrote back the other day to check in and said this was normal. I love my Grams because she gives very thorough instructions. I also love her for saying things like, “I can’t take that hot humid weather … just saps your strength.” She wrote and warned that the Anxiety #320 could make me drowsy and to be careful not to take before driving.
“Salts work very quietly as a rule…you think nothing is happening and then all of a sudden you realize you feel so much better.”

“The anxiety may make you drowsy or very relaxed also…so be careful taking them just before driving.”

Sweet Grams has probably never come within 10 feet of a .5 mg xanax, which will also make you very relaxed while driving. But, me and xanax have parted ways. I’m on the natural remedy train and it’s full speed ahead to creating a more balanced, calmed, and happier place to grow a baby.



  1. seester, in the middle of last semester I started taking the anxiety homeopathic salts that mom sent me. worked like a charm. and unlike the first time I took a .5 mg xanax and was not having a panic attack and passed out for three hours into a sleep coma(not the most smartest idea btw) the tissue salts have no side affect. i never get sleepy from them, just nice and relaxed. good luck!!

  2. oh i take never ever anything like this.

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