Famous Foremothers: Cynthia Nixon

I’m not butch. I’m not really sporty either – unless you’d asked my friend Dana back in 2001 since it was the only thing she could think to call me before I came out. I’m not lipstick or chapstick, and I’m definitely not femme. Lesbian adjectives aside, the point is, I’m not really the type you’d expect to find glued to the television on Sunday nights for “Sex and the City.” And yet, for a solid year, that’s exactly where I was on Sunday nights (at least until Showtime gave us something better to watch in the form of sexually-charged, drama-ready LA lesbians). My ex-girlfriend can probably be blamed for getting me to watch “Sex and the City” initially, but once I got hooked it wasn’t hard to continue watching. Like billions of other twenty-something girls on the face of the planet, we always made an event of watching the show. We would meet at this super crazy girl’s house, who was never short of booze or drama, get drunk, watch the show, and talk about sex. It wasn’t the worst way to spend a Sunday night.
By 2004, watching Carrie Bradshaw wax poetic about love lost in The City was a distant memory, but two things were happening simultaneously:

a) lesbians everywhere were salivating over “The L Word” premiere on Showtime, and

b) the world was discovering that Cynthia Nixon had ended her 15-year relationship with English professor Danny Mozes to pursue a romance with a ginger lady named Christine Marinoni.


Showtime pulled the plug on “The L Word” in 2009 when they realized it was mathematically impossible to portray Jenny Schecter as a bigger lunatic. But to this day, Cynthia, her lady, and their gingerhead cookies are going strong. In 2010 The Advocate made Cynthia its June-July cover story. In February the following year, Cynthia’s partner delivered a baby named Max.

What I like about C Nix and Macaroni, is that the butchier of the two carried baby Max. This is refreshing because – although I feel strongly about getting pregnant – it does feel a bit backwards to me sometimes that I’ll be the one with the baby bump. Meredith and I don’t fall into specific “butch/femme” roles, but she is the sundress and leggings to my jeans and boyfriend tees. I mean, there’s a reason why our friends often react to the news by looking at me and saying: “Wait you’re the one who’s going to get pregnant?!?”

In July, after NY became the 6th (and largest) state to legalize same-sex marriage, Nixon wrote the following:

** “The fight for gay marriage is often portrayed in political terms—Democrat versus Republican, liberal versus conservative. But for couples like us, this is about something simpler and more personal. I want to be married to my girlfriend. And I want us to have a ceremony. I want all our friends and family to come, and I want our kids to be there. Just like that historic night last month on the subway platform, I want it to be a moment I will always remember. Till death do us part.”

** Read Cynthia’s entire article originally in Newsweek’s The Daily Beast July 18, 2011


  1. April Gigi · · Reply

    check out my baby making blog: http://aprilgigiangels.blogspot.com/

    and good luck!!

  2. Wonderful photos! Do check out our blog – we’ve just added some coverage of some lovely words from Cynthia Nixon about our teashop.

    1. Love the blog – can’t wait to come visit your little tea shop next time I’m in NY!

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