Monthly Archives: September 2011

Dropping F bombs to your Gynecologist

When you have a long track record of horrible experiences at the doctor’s office, it’s an accomplishment to feel like you’ve really outdone yourself. When I was younger, my biggest fear was syringes. Well, that and Russian attack, but let’s stay focused. While we didn’t frequent the doctor all that often, it seemed to me […]

Basalically …

Hi, my name is Andrea, and I’m a basal slacker. Back in April when I first purchased my basal thermometer, I couldn’t have been more excited to track my temperature every morning and fill in my little basal chart. But then, summer swooped in with its bachelorette parties in Philly, weddings in the New Hampshire […]

LGBT Health Review: Pilot

Even though blogs by nature are pretty narcissistic and self-involved, I’ve been OK writing (mostly) about only myself for the past 5 months. I was conditioned to find narcissism appealing by concentrating on non-fiction writing in college. We would write stories about our lives, aspire to publish the next great memoir, and then congratulate ourselves […]