Basalically …

Hi, my name is Andrea, and I’m a basal slacker. Back in April when I first purchased my basal thermometer, I couldn’t have been more excited to track my temperature every morning and fill in my little basal chart. But then, summer swooped in with its bachelorette parties in Philly, weddings in the New Hampshire mountains, road trips to Connecticut, Red Sox games, house renovations, and the list goes on. I also knew, in the back of my mind, that we wouldn’t get down to the business of choosing a donor until the fall or early winter months. So I stopped tracking for a time until one day I realized we were now closer to leaf peeping season than we were to the onset of summer fun. I’m layering hoodies and cardigans and checking out new scarves and cable knit sweaters. It’s official: summer is dead.
With autumn knocking at the door, not only is it time to shop for Clarks desert boots and wool sweater vests (my only real must-haves for this season), it’s also time to get back on the tracking train full time. As one of the requirements for enrolling in Fenway Health’s AI program, I need to track ovulation for three full cycles. It didn’t take us long to decide that enrolling in Fenway’s program was a good idea after attending our “Inseminar” in July. From there it’s just been a matter of crossing things off our list in preparation to do so.
The most time-consuming, but also the easiest part of this whole getting pregnant journey, is tracking ovulation. I think it will be trickier once we are relying on my tracking skills to actually inseminate. But right now it’s just keeping a thermometer next to the bed, and watching my temperature go up and down. The best part for me is actually knowing when I’ll start menstruating. I’ve never, ever known how often I get my period or when it will magically arrive, because I’ve never had to worry about a legitimate pregnancy scare. There was that one time, in college, where I sat in my bathroom on the phone with my friend Dana crying about how I’d slipped up and let a penis near me. I got my period an hour later.

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