Monthly Archives: January 2012

Tuna noodle casserole, my kid sister, & the baby undaddy

Last week I got an email about a sale (frugal alert!) on unlimited access memberships to one of the donor sites at which we’d been looking. Even though originally this type of membership sounded like a waste of money, eventually we decided seeing color, HD photos of our potential donors was too good to pass […]

Politically speaking.

I’m currently wrestling with the very strong urge to write a political rant entry right now. Living in a bordering state and working in NH means the only thing anyone can talk about right now is politics and primaries and voting and lions and tigers and Romney, oh my. So, at this point I feel […]

When technology suggests you take a gamble …

… on your child’s life.   Before famed role as Spicoli, Sean Penn did some print work for baby products like this two-person baby bucket. As it turns out, Michael Jackson wasn’t a lunatic for hoisting Blanket off the balcony, he was just trapped in 1930. 


My high school BFF has just located my future hipster baby complete with vintage frames + skinny jeans + knitted cap.   I. am. losing. it.   Excuse me, I have to go listen to Blonde Redhead vinyl and stare at this photo.  

Urine for a treat.

We always spend our New Year’s Eves in Northampton, MA, because we only associate with lesbians and detest watching heteros suck face as we ring it in at midnight.All right, fine, that’s not true. We don’t hate heteros, but we did spend New Year’s in the western Mass. lesbian Mecca of Northampton. And, instead of […]