Politically speaking.

I’m currently wrestling with the very strong urge to write a political rant entry right now. Living in a bordering state and working in NH means the only thing anyone can talk about right now is politics and primaries and voting and lions and tigers and Romney, oh my. So, at this point I feel there’s nothing original left to say and I don’t have the knowledge base or research to back up my thoughts on the Republican hopefuls. That being said, I still feel inclined to say just this one thing:Does Newt Gingrich & company live under a rock? Is he living in that 1950s bubble where they filmed The Truman Show? Someday will he row his boat to the end of the water, clink against the metal dome, open the hatch to the outside world and find Brittany Spears’ 55-hour Las Vegas marriage? To find every failed marriage within the U.S. that comprises our nearly 50% national divorce rate? To find Kim Kardashian for f–k’s sake??

[That which will follow I blame on this quote from the debates in NH on the 2012 campaign trail]:

“But it is a huge jump,” said Gingrich, “from being understanding and considerate and concerned — which we should be — to saying we’re therefore going to institute the sacrament of marriage as though it has no basis. The sacrament of marriage was based on a man and a woman, has been for 3,000 years, is at the core of our civilization, and is something worth protecting and upholding. And I think that protecting and upholding that doesn’t mean you have to go out and make life miserable for others, but it does mean you have to make a distinction between a historic sacrament of enormous importance in our civilization and simply deciding it applies everywhere and it’s just a civil right. It’s not. It is a part of how we define ourselves and I think that a marriage between a man and a woman is part of that definition.”

I just think that I don’t get it. After hearing all the rhetoric and debate and explanation on the topic of gay marriage, I just don’t get it. How can someone – anyone – living in 2012 still cling to the idea that two people of the same sex entering into marriage somehow strips the sanctity of that union when considering how blasphemed the tradition has been made by a high divorce rate, by celebrity, by that little white chapel and impersonating Elvis officiants. Why did the conservative right not devote millions of dollars to protect the “sacrament of marriage” back when Elizabeth Taylor had her revolving door of marriages? I guess my confusion stems from an inability to explain excuse bigotry.

I said I wouldn’t rant, and I did. I said I had nothing to say, but I’m blogging. So of course I have something to say. The political gamut of any election makes me bananas, and when I feel like my rights are being threatened, as they are in NH and potentially on a national scale, I become consumed. I become irate. The term rage blackout comes to mind.

A post on selecting our baby undaddy is upcoming. Stay tuned for more musings on lesbians mamas.


  1. You are consumed by the rhetoric because your instincts are kicking in. Your animal-based reaction to a perceived threat has triggered a release of all those chemicals that you need to stay alert for the threat’s next move and to protect yourself against it.
    However, you haven’t quite realized that the threat that you are reacting to is not the rhetoric against same-sex marriage. The threat is actually the existence of millions of fellow citizens that are setting themselves up to do exactly what you jest about: implement a change in the entire social construct of this country. What makes anyone think that a legally-enforced combination of genders for the marriage relationship is the end-game?
    You, as is just about everyone I encounter nowadays, are subconciously reacting to the loss of control over your own life to a growingly belligerent government that maintains its reach into our personal lives through convoluted and opaque money trails and police-state law enforcement policies.
    And everyone should be worried. But we need to “out” the real threat.
    When a bank of presidential candidates spews policy rhetoric that would permit the government to control our bedrooms while simultaneously spewing policy rhetoric that they will keep government out of the boardroom, you have to call that what it is. Uhhmm, a goverment that will tell a person who she can’t screw but that won’t tell business’ who they can’t screw. And, the fact that we–“we” as in all of us, are not calling these candidates out for their egregiously un-american and unconstitutional policies is the most damning fact yet. They are still considered viable presidential candidates. WTF.

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