Monthly Archives: February 2012

Hipster Baby or Baby Hippo: Take 2

I know that I’m probably the only one who really enjoys this new game, but I’m going to continue to solicit participation pretending it’s just as much fun for everyone else.  So let’s get to it.   The first round went to Baby Hippo, but by a narrow margin. And I can’t say I’m at […]

Don’t Say a Word

Remember that crime thriller “Don’t Say a Word” with Brittany Murphy? R.I.P. Moment of silence.  She played a demented girl locked away in a crazy camp with secrets trapped in her brain. The movie, from what I remember, was terrible. But there was that one great moment when she sat at the end of her […]

Hipster Baby or Baby Hippo

One of my favorite Google image searches is: baby hippo. But then today, for no reason at all, I wondered what kind of magical images a “baby hipster” search would bring me. And, let me tell you, that is a whole other rabbit hole in which to dive. But here, in this forum alone, the […]

Lesbians Under Construction

The other day Meredith confided in me that her one true life’s desire was ultimately not in math education (as she is trained); and, not in writing comedic memoir (as she is gifted); but, in reality television. I shouldn’t be surprised at this admission since there is very little that holds a candle to reality […]

Conversations about making babies: February 1, 2012

11:20 AM me:  sending an email to fenway asking to have my medical clearance letter sent   eek! 11:21 AM Meredith:  eeeeeek   are you ordering sperm today   too bad i went to market basket  me:  hahaha   it’s ruined …   no we haven’t even talked about who the final contestants are!!!   we should really decide 11:22 AM cos, um, it’s […]