Monthly Archives: March 2012

LGBT Health Review: Bringing the Legal

Awhile back I made a pathetic attempt at researching the legalities of making Meredith an equal parent to our someday baby. I didn’t get very far for several reasons, a few of which being: a) I don’t have the same internet researching stamina as my wife (i.e. I have never “reached the end of the […]

Hipster Baby or Baby Hippo: Nature edition

Baby hippo is cleaning up, and who could argue? Especially when he’s trotting around with little tortoise friends and all!   But just for fun, we’re putting him up against a rare breed Hipster Ginge.    

Easter horseshit

When your first child (Duncan) is special needs, you can only hope that the second (Birdie) will be a breeze of regularity. And, it’s mostly been true in our house. Many of the bad habits and general attributes of a broken puppy have evaded her. Getting her to stop urinating in the house lasted the […]

DADT: The Pregnancy Panel

I’ve mentioned before just how committed Meredith is to internet research. One of my favorite games to play used to be Things Meredith Googles at Night While I Sleep. Admittedly that game title is lengthy, but the game’s outcome never disappoints. On occasion she will sigh in exasperation and say: Well, that’s it. I’ve reached […]