LGBT Health Review: Bringing the Legal

Awhile back I made a pathetic attempt at researching the legalities of making Meredith an equal parent to our someday baby. I didn’t get very far for several reasons, a few of which being:

a) I don’t have the same internet researching stamina as my wife (i.e. I have never “reached the end of the internet”) 

b) I’m easily distracted by my Twitter feeds, other blogs, and that Kristen Bell sloth video on youtube

But now, yet again, it’s Fenway to the rescue!

As part of its seemingly endless services provided to the LGBT community, tonight they host Joyce Kauffman, a New England based attorney, to speak on the legal issues surrounding gay and lesbian families. A bit about Kauffman (from her website):

“Attorney Kauffman has been an activist for alternative families since the early 1970s.  An advocate early on for lesbian and gay families, Attorney Kauffman helped to organize a public celebration of lesbian mothers on Mother’s Day in 1978.  She was a founding member of the Somerville Women’s Center in 1976 and of the Cambridge Lavender Alliance/Parents, Teachers, and Allies in the early 1990s.  Attorney Kauffman is a past board member of The Family Pride Coalition (now Family Equality Council) and has been in the forefront of LGBT family law in Massachusetts.  Attorney Kauffman has been a member of the Family Law Advisory Council of the National Center for Lesbian Rights since 2003, a group of experienced family law and estate planning attorneys from across the nation who meet regularly to discuss family formation and protection issues, evaluating national trends and state-by-state cases in order to advance the rights and protections of LGBT parents and families.”

Sounds like my kinda lady. Of course when all is said and done, I’ll be right back here to expound on all the information shared for those of you harboring some of the same questions and concerns about giving your someday baby a mommy 1 and mommy 2. Or, in our case: Dark Mama & Light Mama.

The event is scheduled to run from 6:30 – 8:30, and although its not outlined in the description here, I’m guessing may include cookies or brownies or, for Meredith’s sake, diet cola?

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