Blog Blackout

I just looked to see when I last posted, thinking at least 3 weeks had passed, but apparently what felt like a severe space-time continuum blackout was in reality 8 days. When I left off, Fenway was on the horizon, just waiting patiently to impart its wisdom on my little lesbian brain of curiosity. Unfortunately, I never made it to Boston for the seminar and remain hopelessly clueless on the legal portion of lesbian baby-making. But, I’m not worried. If I know those crazy kids down at 1340 Boylston at all, what they love is hosting a good seminar/lecture/rally to bring the LGBT together in a celebration of health awareness. So with any luck, another opportunity to hear free legal advice will be forthcoming (hint, hint) before our someday baby becomes a reality.

So that didn’t happen, which bummed me out.

But then, this happened, which totally cheered me up:

Biebster Liebster

A follower of the blog, and fellow aspiring lesbian mom, gave me props for my internet ramblings on this wee blog. It’s called the Liebster Award, which I cannot say without thinking of Justin Bieber and his adoring tribute to the lesbian swoop.

Find the real Bieber.

I had never heard of the Liebster, but from what I’ve gathered from the gals who handed it out to the Little Lesbian Baby Blog, it’s passed along from mini blogger to mini blogger so long as you have less than 200 followers. If you get a Liebster, you give a Liebster and say something nice about the blogger to which it is given. And there’s just something really gratifying about being given props from your peers, right? Maybe it’s why Hollywood enjoys waxing eloquent whilst blowing smoke up each others asses for being so brilliant at the SAG Awards.

The concept also reminds me of a tradition a teacher of mine in high school had around the holidays. She taught every math class for grades 9-12 and was a big fan favorite. A real Miss Bliss sort of adoration. Anyway, around Christmastime, she would pass around sheets of paper with the names of every class member listed. We were then instructed to write one nice thing about every student in the class. She collected them, transcribed them in that endearing penmanship only our mother’s generation can pull off, then passed them back out just before holiday break. So every year you would get an envelope, decorated with hand drawn wreaths, and inside a list of twenty or so of your best qualities. I still have them tucked away somewhere, and not in a way that I should have my own Hoarders episode on A&E, but in a way that my sentimentality knows no bounds.

Good Morning, Miss Bliss

So, big thank yous to the bings over at and baby makes 3 … hopefully. I think it’s rad that people Meredith and I have known for years take time to read up on the blog let alone total strangers. I’m all about paying it forward, and truth be told, I may have cried a bit at that little Haley Joel Osment bastard when I watched that movie the first time. There, I’ve said it. Let’s not linger on that admission. The truth is, I don’t follow many blogs and the blogs I do follow have very little to do with pregnant lesbians. I leave the creepy stalking of pregnant lesbians to my wife. She’s just better at it than me.

Still, I feel responsible to pass along this Liebster, so I’m going to do so while bucking against the rules and hope I don’t somehow disqualify myself in the process. I can’t list 5 blogs the way the instructions seem to indicate, so I’m just going to list the ones I really follow and really love. I mean, I’m married to a girl and starting a family without a father figure so clearly I’m all about rule breaking.

The blog to which I’m most loyal is Frugal Rock, which is written by my best friend from high school, and maybe admittedly, why I love it so much. But let me tell you that in high school I was all: I’m going to make millions as an esteemed novelist, stacking Nobels on top of Pulitzers and Suzanne was like: I can’t wait to raise babies. And at the time I couldn’t see that as adequate aspiration so I was like: Well at the very least you could open a hair salon in your garage. But what I didn’t get at the time is that she’d actually turn out to be an entirely admirable mother to three of the best kids I’ve ever met. She most likely does not still have the Christmas lists from our high school math teacher because, well, she’s Frugal. Aren’t you paying attention?

I’m also giving Liebster (dirty) to The Education of Jarvis Slacks because it’s got a little something for everyone. Jarvis has been a bit of a blog pusher from the beginning, by which I mean he’s been a huge supporter of me writing this process and often threatening that if I don’t write more diligently he’ll wet Willy my ear. He’s always giving me advice on how to blog, when to blog, where to blog, and he has the content on his own blog to back it up. He’s also a big, gaming, political geek who loves lesbians, which makes him sort of lovable too. And so I love to read what’s racing through his head on any given day, even if he hates the Hunger Games.

I also have a love of celebrity blogging, particularly the sort that talks trash, pokes fun, and hones in on the oddity of celebrity in general. Bringing the funny on Alisa Meets World is another pal of mine who shares some of the funniest shit on all things Hollywood through her consistently unique insight. She doesn’t update all-too-often (hint, hint) because she has a real, grown-up life, full of important, brainy, grown-up things, but there’s enough content already on site to keep you entertained for quite awhile.

And while we’re on the subject of funny, let me also say that you should be following the lesbian pregnancy of Michelle Tea here. I made the mistake of checking in on this while at work, which is strictly unadvised for reasons like: spitting iced coffee at your monitor; drawing attention from coworkers for going into fits of laughter; generally getting little-to-no work done for an entire 8 hour period.


  1. LOL! That kid really looks like Bieber.

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