Hipster Baby or Baby Hippo: Brooklyn Fever

Brooklyn is basically a breeding ground for hipster babies. Neighborhoods like Carroll Gardens, Park Slope and Williamsburg are crawling with horny hipsters in their 20s and 30s. And the result is a stupid number of hipster babies teetering around sidewalks, bodegas and the grassy slopes of Prospect Park.

My favorite part of visiting Brooklyn is eating at Chavela’s — a wonderfully delicious Mexican restaurant in my friend Dana’s neighborhood. My second favorite part of NY is hanging with all my old college friends (sorry, Chavela’s outranks), but my third favorite part is people-watching the hipsters and their offspring. The entertainment is endless. Spending the day at the park is a fairly good hot spot for this kind of entertainment, but nothing NOTHING! can top people-watching the clientele at the Brooklyn Flea Market.

176 Lafayette Ave. (btw. Clermont + Vanderbilt Ave.)

So, I’m a little disappointed in myself for not paparazzing any photos of hipster babies while we perused the booths there on Saturday, but I couldn’t quite figure out how to pull it off without being a total creep show. So instead I just kept tugging on Meredith’s arm going: Look at that one! Look at THAT one!! Until finally she was like: Yeah, they’re f–king everywhere. I get it.  To be fair, she was probably just grouchy from the onset of heat stroke, which we wouldn’t discover until later when she nearly passed out in the park. I hadn’t noticed she was getting too much sun because of my distraction on booths like these (oops!):

I'm in the market for some new specs.

Old-timey cameras: a hipster's wet dream.

The hipster babies featured this week were not at the flea market or at the park or maybe even in Brooklyn, but they may as well have been. Brooklyn is littered with this dreamy, bohemian chic style. And on babies it’s kind of irresistible.

I know the hippo is generally a hands-down fan favorite with his bulbous eyes and glossy snout, but I have to say I find these two hipster babies to be really f–king adorable in their own right.

"Come on, let's split the harmony on the Bon Iver bridge. It'll be sick."

On the other hand, can anything really compete with a baby hippo spouting water like a sculpted fountain cherub?

Hipster baby will never win I am irresistible, bitches.

Probably not. Hope  your hump day is brightened by the hippo if not the hipsters, or maybe both? And in case you were wondering, I’m now completely hooked on this tumblr about all things baby + hipster. Enjoy.


  1. Those feet make it another win for baby hippo!

  2. actually, I’ll go for the babies on this one. That little girl is killing me over here.

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