Monthly Archives: May 2012

Maternity Mishap: May 31

There’s not really much to say about this week’s Mishap except for this: If you’ve never been to Hampton Beach, NH, and taken a leisurely stroll down the boardwalk, this is the kind of shit you’re missing. It is a prime spot for people watching that never gets tired. Never mind dumping millions of dollars […]

10 Reasons To Be Gay About Being Gay: #1

I was propositioned by an acquaintance named Jane the other day, and not in the way that meant I’d be having an awkward conversation with my wife later over dinner. The proposition came in the form of an email prefaced by the amount of wine Jane had consumed prior to writing said email, which is […]

Hipster Baby or Baby Hippo: 3-day weekend vote

When I was  a senior in high school we took a class trip to Mexico, and after climbing the pyramids and trolling the streets of Mexico City, we spent the last three nights at a resort along a boardwalk in a location I do not recall. I have only three concrete memories from this portion […]

Maternity Mishaps: May 24

A little late in the day but didn’t want to neglect sharing this really remarkable Mishap. And, of course, a short little preface to start things off: As we all know by now, Meredith loves her reality TV. To the point where, when asked over the weekend if she had yet tuned into Bravo’s “Pregnant […]

Maternity Mishaps: May 17

I think most people have a late night talk show host to which they’re loyal. You’ve got your Jimmy fans, both Fallon and Kimmel, your Leno fans (for whatever reason), and even your Fergusons if you can keep your eyes open that late. I don’t actually know if Craig Ferguson’s show is still on the […]

For Pete’s sake

When I was living in North Carolina my mom came to visit and one night, after some wine, we started discussing independence and life choices and the like. At one point she said: I think if my life had gone differently I would have turned out a lot like you. Which is a strange pill to […]

Hipster baby or Hipster baby?

One of our nightly rituals is watching Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” when I get home from work. The guests are always comically unpredictable and served cocktails from a bar that has been built into the set. And basically, any show that keeps its guests (and host) liquored up during filming is good in my […]