Hipster baby or Hipster baby?

One of our nightly rituals is watching Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” when I get home from work. The guests are always comically unpredictable and served cocktails from a bar that has been built into the set. And basically, any show that keeps its guests (and host) liquored up during filming is good in my book. The show airs at 11 every night, but as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m rarely awake past 10:30 because I’m old and lame and love sleep. Thanks to the magic of recorded television, we can watch the show whenever we like and avoid seeing annoying commercials like that mother and daughter sobbing at a cell phone kiosk or that goddamn Coupon Suzy.

So the other night I walk through the front door and before I’ve even greeted the pups or unloaded my bags onto a kitchen stool Meredith is all: Oh my god, I just had to pause Andy Cohen’s Mazel of the Day because you are going to die when you see it. 

Andy in the clubhouse.

In case you are one of those weird people that prefers nature or literature or physical activity to watching television (or maybe you are just like my poor, depraved sister who doesn’t have cable), Andy Cohen is sort of the golden gay boy of Bravo and charming host of WWHL. He’s funny, fashionable, and also Jewish so at the end of each show he gives out a mazel to someone or something or some current event.

So today there is no decision to make between tiny hippos or pretentious baby hipsters. Today, thanks to Andy Cohen and his brilliant Mazel of the Day, there is only this video. And, props to my wife because she was right – I did die a little when I first saw this. These kids are so sincerely emo and adorably committed to their performance, I lose it every time. And the song (Gotye’s “Somebody I Used to Know”) is so good you won’t be mad when it gets stuck in your head all day – or at least you shouldn’t be if you know what’s good. So enjoy these pint-sized hipsters, enjoy your Friday, and happy weekend frolicking!


  1. Jessica · · Reply

    I can’t remember that last time I’ve seen something this wonderful.

  2. Caitlin · · Reply

    It is so awkward when brothers and sisters break up.

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