Maternity Mishaps: May 17

I think most people have a late night talk show host to which they’re loyal. You’ve got your Jimmy fans, both Fallon and Kimmel, your Leno fans (for whatever reason), and even your Fergusons if you can keep your eyes open that late. I don’t actually know if Craig Ferguson’s show is still on the air since I only watch his celebrity interviews when I’m knee deep in a youtube k hole.

For me, it’s always been about Letterman. Obviously he’s a classic, but there’s also just something entertaining about the rapport he has with almost all his female guests. If you have a few hours to waste, head on over to youtube and find any and every interview Dave’s ever done with Amy Sedaris. They do not disappoint. Seriously, shirk off any other responsibilities you have right now and queue it up. I’m laughing already just thinking about it. In fact, you know what? Don’t even take my word for it.

Based purely on the skits or comedy bits, I think Conan takes the crown because it doesn’t get much better than “In the Year 2000” for me.

But Dave used to do this bit called “What about that guy” which was sort of like the original photo-bomb. I don’t even think it started as a bit but was born out of another segment and took on a life of its own. Anyway, I could try to explain the bit or I could just show you this week’s Maternity Mishap, which is basically all the explanation you need.

Seriously, what about that guy?

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