Maternity Mishaps: May 24

A little late in the day but didn’t want to neglect sharing this really remarkable Mishap. And, of course, a short little preface to start things off:

As we all know by now, Meredith loves her reality TV. To the point where, when asked over the weekend if she had yet tuned into Bravo’s “Pregnant in Heels,” she answered: Uh, yeah! in her most offended tone.

“Pregnant in Heels” is about — well, I don’t actually know what it’s about. But what I think it resembles is a marriage between “The Real Housewives (pick a city)” and “Tabatha Takes Over.” A blonde, possibly foreign, woman named Rosie is hired to prepare wealthy, successful, and often socialite expecting mothers and fathers for parenthood. So I got sucked into an episode the other day for the sole reason that the couple in need of Rosie’s expertise had an ill-behaved brindle French bulldog.

Give me this. Now.

A misbehaving lapdog or really any animal acting out is pretty much all it takes to hold my interest. I’m an easy target which is why I have trouble pulling myself out of youtube animal video k holes. But I’m getting sidetracked and none of this really has anything to do with what lies below. Except for the fact that the expecting mother on this godforsaken show kept calling herself a Tiger Mom, a term of which I was not familiar. I won’t get into it, but if you’re interested in this – typically Far Eastern – parenting philosophy, I’ve linked a rather interesting article that appeared in Time Magazine here. I may not yet be certain of my own parenting philosophies, or Meredith’s for that matter, but something tells me these people misunderstood the basis for Tiger Mom parenting?

It’s the circle of life.

There’s just one more day between me and a glorious three-day weekend. The weather promises to be gorgeous out here on the east coast so throw a barbecue, enjoy a beach day, eat a lobstah, or go make yourself a baby.

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