Hipster Baby or Baby Hippo: 3-day weekend vote

When I was  a senior in high school we took a class trip to Mexico, and after climbing the pyramids and trolling the streets of Mexico City, we spent the last three nights at a resort along a boardwalk in a location I do not recall. I have only three concrete memories from this portion of our trip:

1) A mall at the end of the boardwalk had a tequila shop that offered free samples

2) My friend Jenny coaching me from outside the stall door on inserting my first tampon

3) Diving into the shallow end of a pool and chipping the f–k out of my front tooth

I can’t be certain, but I imagine myself to have looked a lot like this guy:

Finding this photo: highlight of my day.

As for the HB today, I’m pretty sure this kid has been rifling through my closet because if there’s two things I love in an outfit, it’s a low-tipped fedora and a strong plaid, cuffed below the elbows. Happy voting and happy three-day weekend!

Hello, mini me. Lookin’ sharp.


  1. mini me!

  2. Baby hippo swimming is an obvious hands-down winner here. HOWEVER, a post-swim baby hippo sitting in a lounge chair with a drink in a coconut AND wearing that kid’s hat would be preferable.

  3. Nancy · · Reply

    Baby HIppo- faster than a speeding bullet. Must be heading to Adventure Aquarium….

  4. thebings · · Reply

    Hipster baby!

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