Maternity Mishaps: June 7 (a belated bonus)

So in case you don’t live by your appointment calendar, or I don’t know, fell into a pill and booze coma for two days (I don’t know your life), it’s not actually Thursday which means it’s not actually June 7. But, despite the late entry, I didn’t want to bypass this week’s Mishap entirely. And because my generosity knows no bounds, I’m also doubling up to include not one but two terribly, awkwardly amazing pregnancy photos.

Here is something I didn’t know about expecting mothers – they are apparently very committed to defending the lives of their future babies … with firearms. I don’t want to mess with this baby because I don’t want to mess with its scary mama, and the gun has nothing to do with it. Blurry eyes freak me out. What I appreciate most about this first Mishap is the playful font in which the threat is written. Like you might see it on a preschool graduation program. I don’t know, I just love it all.

Can I register for a gun if I ever have a shower for someday baby? **makes mental note**

And the bonus Mishap? All I can see is Sir Mix-a-Lot. And all I can say is Baby Got Bump.

I like big bumps and I cannot lie.

So, there you have it – two Mishaps for the price of one. The sun is out (finally!) and the weekend is young so get out there and soak up some vitamin D. Or, curl up on the couch with the pups and settle in for the One Tree Hill-90210-Veronica Mars weekly marathon on SOAP Net. Sunlight is overrated?

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