Monthly Archives: July 2012

Retro post #2: A written apology to the egg.

I’m not sure if it’s the mental clarity of going several days (7, not that I’m counting) without alcohol or just the thought looping through my head: ‘you have sperm in you,’ but I’ve been thinking a lot about my eggs. Or, I guess it’s just one egg. And I’ve been thinking about the little […]

Maternity Mishap: Miss Independence

So, America turned a year older this week, Kelly Clarkson reemphasized that she’s not a big lesbian, and now even pregnant women are turning to bath salts?!? I spent the Fourth on my couch, mostly, avoiding the scorching heat in the comfort of my air-conditioned living room. And even on the occasions where I did […]

10 Reasons To Be Gay About Being Gay: #2

Jane and I are back together again to discuss our thoughts on why fancying your own gender should be celebrated, and we’re here to share those thoughts with you. The month of June has just passed by, which means flamboyant parades and rainbow flags and gay picnics and queer concerts and general celebrations of alternative […]

Retro post #1: The Melted Butter Insemination

When I made my vow of baby-making silence a few months back, I admittedly did so with a bit of arrogant confidence. The way I figured, I’d go off the grid for a month or two, get knocked up, have a little weepy celebration with my wife, then commence blogging the Little Lesbian journey. Except […]