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LGBT Health Review: Bringing the Legal

Awhile back I made a pathetic attempt at researching the legalities of making Meredith an equal parent to our someday baby. I didn’t get very far for several reasons, a few of which being: a) I don’t have the same internet researching stamina as my wife (i.e. I have never “reached the end of the […]

LGBT Health Review: Pilot

Even though blogs by nature are pretty narcissistic and self-involved, I’ve been OK writing (mostly) about only myself for the past 5 months. I was conditioned to find narcissism appealing by concentrating on non-fiction writing in college. We would write stories about our lives, aspire to publish the next great memoir, and then congratulate ourselves […]

Fenway’s more than a ballpahk, kid.

For as much excitement as I felt all day last Thursday, I was surprised at how calm I felt on the drive into Boston. Because you can never really predict how big of a shitshow Boston traffic will be, I had allowed us plenty of spare time to thread our way along Storrow Drive; crawl […]