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10 Reasons To Be Gay About Being Gay: #2

Jane and I are back together again to discuss our thoughts on why fancying your own gender should be celebrated, and we’re here to share those thoughts with you. The month of June has just passed by, which means flamboyant parades and rainbow flags and gay picnics and queer concerts and general celebrations of alternative […]

Gay Double Standard is Gay

When my buddy Jane dropped by a couple weeks back to help guest blog 10 Reasons to be Gay about Being Gay, we had ourselves a gay old time, and reasons 2-10 are still on the horizon so more from Jane can be expected. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, I’ve started harassing other friends to swing by and chew […]

10 Reasons To Be Gay About Being Gay: #1

I was propositioned by an acquaintance named Jane the other day, and not in the way that meant I’d be having an awkward conversation with my wife later over dinner. The proposition came in the form of an email prefaced by the amount of wine Jane had consumed prior to writing said email, which is […]

Joyful, joyful, we adore Glee.

When you’ve spent the better part of your adult life living far away from family, you either learn to knit that family bond from a distance or you don’t. And in the event that you don’t, you end up seeing your siblings for holidays and it’s awkward because you know they’ve left you 18 unanswered […]