When my buddy Jane dropped by a couple weeks back to help guest blog 10 Reasons to be Gay about Being Gay, we had ourselves a gay old time, and reasons 2-10 are still on the horizon so more from Jane can be expected. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, I’ve started harassing other friends to swing by and chew […]

About a year ago I was ranting about women, namely celebrities quoted in gossip mags, who tell tales of peaceful, serene child labor. And even though Meredith has since sat me down to watch the birth of Mason Disick, as filmed on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” (which really was a weird, muted childbirth), I’m […]

Constantly referenced yet never before featured, the wife has finally popped by the blog for a visit. For those of you who actually know Meredith in real life, I imagine you clapping your hands and bouncing up and down in front of your computer screens. Or, at least, you should be. Last night I said […]

So in case you don’t live by your appointment calendar, or I don’t know, fell into a pill and booze coma for two days (I don’t know your life), it’s not actually Thursday which means it’s not actually June 7. But, despite the late entry, I didn’t want to bypass this week’s Mishap entirely. And […]

I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to say about this, I just knew I wanted to say something. I tend to take this sort of backlash to social progression rather personally and not just because of the obvious reason (me = little lesbian). When I see conservative middle America speaking out against LGBT visibility […]

There’s not really much to say about this week’s Mishap except for this: If you’ve never been to Hampton Beach, NH, and taken a leisurely stroll down the boardwalk, this is the kind of shit you’re missing. It is a prime spot for people watching that never gets tired. Never mind dumping millions of dollars […]

I was propositioned by an acquaintance named Jane the other day, and not in the way that meant I’d be having an awkward conversation with my wife later over dinner. The proposition came in the form of an email prefaced by the amount of wine Jane had consumed prior to writing said email, which is […]