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Save your snatch: adopt!

It’s no secret my biggest fear of the entire pregnancy process is the labor. The pushing, screaming, cramping, tearing, bleeding part. I just read this ridiculous spread in US Weekly with quotes from Hollywood’s finest saying things like, “Giving birth was like a dream!” “I was so calm in the birthing tub, the room was […]

Famous Foremothers: Rosie

Who knew so many people were looking for information on Sara Gilbert and her sexuality and/or pregnancy? I sure as hell didn’t. Maybe more people than I realized are watching her awkward gesturing and flirting with Leah Remini on “The Talk” (and maybe Alisa should just GET ON BOARD). Or maybe now that Netflix has […]

Conversations about buying babies: June 4, 2007

8:24 PM Chelsea:  hi klm how are things going? 8:25 PM me: really good are you in asia? Chelsea: i saw your puppy he is really adorable yes i’m in china me: stealing babies?   Chelsea:  PRK wish so many cute babies esp. the one i got a snapshot of me: so cute i saw her her? him? Chelsea: she was meant to be mine–but […]