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Retro post #1: The Melted Butter Insemination

When I made my vow of baby-making silence a few months back, I admittedly did so with a bit of arrogant confidence. The way I figured, I’d go off the grid for a month or two, get knocked up, have a little weepy celebration with my wife, then commence blogging the Little Lesbian journey. Except […]

Blog Blackout

I just looked to see when I last posted, thinking at least 3 weeks had passed, but apparently what felt like a severe space-time continuum blackout was in reality 8 days. When I left off, Fenway was on the horizon, just waiting patiently to impart its wisdom on my little lesbian brain of curiosity. Unfortunately, […]

LGBT Health Review: Bringing the Legal

Awhile back I made a pathetic attempt at researching the legalities of making Meredith an equal parent to our someday baby. I didn’t get very far for several reasons, a few of which being: a) I don’t have the same internet researching stamina as my wife (i.e. I have never “reached the end of the […]

Don’t Say a Word

Remember that crime thriller “Don’t Say a Word” with Brittany Murphy? R.I.P. Moment of silence.  She played a demented girl locked away in a crazy camp with secrets trapped in her brain. The movie, from what I remember, was terrible. But there was that one great moment when she sat at the end of her […]

Conversations about making babies: February 1, 2012

11:20 AM me:  sending an email to fenway asking to have my medical clearance letter sent   eek! 11:21 AM Meredith:  eeeeeek   are you ordering sperm today   too bad i went to market basket  me:  hahaha   it’s ruined …   no we haven’t even talked about who the final contestants are!!!   we should really decide 11:22 AM cos, um, it’s […]

Previously titled: Snocktober

The world is a very different place since the last time I posted a blog just 48 days ago. When I last blogged, Michael Jackson’s crazy doctor was still trying to explain away his lifetime supply of Propofol; Occupiers of Wall Street et al. were still occupying; and, Kim Kardashian was still married to that […]

Basalically …

Hi, my name is Andrea, and I’m a basal slacker. Back in April when I first purchased my basal thermometer, I couldn’t have been more excited to track my temperature every morning and fill in my little basal chart. But then, summer swooped in with its bachelorette parties in Philly, weddings in the New Hampshire […]