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A follow-up from Grandma Up

The bottles I ordered from 1-800-Homeopathy arrived on our doorstep last week. I ended up ordering Anxiety #320 and Sleep #173 to piggyback with my Sleepytime herbal tea. I’ve been taking two or three tissue salts of Sleep #173 at night, washing it down with tea and sleeping very soundly. It’s been a nice return […]

What’s good for the Queen, is good for the gander.

I learned the difference between my grandmothers at a young age based on their geographical locations. Growing up near Detroit, my grandma who lived in Florida was Grandma Down and the other, who lived beside the Mackinaw Bridge at the tip of northern Michigan, was Grandma Up. Grandma Down got her hair died blonde at […]

Lana the Nana

We spent the weekend at our new house, which is in a fairly desperate state of reconstruction. We closed on the house April 15, and started work on it almost immediately. In another three weeks, our apartment lease will be up and we’ll be living at the house full time. For now, Meredith, Duncan and […]