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Retro Post #3: The Pendulum Swing

Just after our first insemination I fell into a deep, dark hole of depression that would put that little cartoon Cymbalta bean to shame. And just in case you were wondering – yes, this post is going to be strictly about a sad little weekend I experienced a few months back. So you may as […]

Retro post #2: A written apology to the egg.

I’m not sure if it’s the mental clarity of going several days (7, not that I’m counting) without alcohol or just the thought looping through my head: ‘you have sperm in you,’ but I’ve been thinking a lot about my eggs. Or, I guess it’s just one egg. And I’ve been thinking about the little […]

Retro post #1: The Melted Butter Insemination

When I made my vow of baby-making silence a few months back, I admittedly did so with a bit of arrogant confidence. The way I figured, I’d go off the grid for a month or two, get knocked up, have a little weepy celebration with my wife, then commence blogging the Little Lesbian journey. Except […]

Fenway’s more than a ballpahk, kid.

For as much excitement as I felt all day last Thursday, I was surprised at how calm I felt on the drive into Boston. Because you can never really predict how big of a shitshow Boston traffic will be, I had allowed us plenty of spare time to thread our way along Storrow Drive; crawl […]