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Urine for a treat.

We always spend our New Year’s Eves in Northampton, MA, because we only associate with lesbians and detest watching heteros suck face as we ring it in at midnight.All right, fine, that’s not true. We don’t hate heteros, but we did spend New Year’s in the western Mass. lesbian Mecca of Northampton. And, instead of […]

Fenway’s more than a ballpahk, kid.

For as much excitement as I felt all day last Thursday, I was surprised at how calm I felt on the drive into Boston. Because you can never really predict how big of a shitshow Boston traffic will be, I had allowed us plenty of spare time to thread our way along Storrow Drive; crawl […]

Lana the Nana

We spent the weekend at our new house, which is in a fairly desperate state of reconstruction. We closed on the house April 15, and started work on it almost immediately. In another three weeks, our apartment lease will be up and we’ll be living at the house full time. For now, Meredith, Duncan and […]