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7 questions I can never take back

Constantly referenced yet never before featured, the wife has finally popped by the blog for a visit. For those of you who actually know Meredith in real life, I imagine you clapping your hands and bouncing up and down in front of your computer screens. Or, at least, you should be. Last night I said […]

Easter horseshit

When your first child (Duncan) is special needs, you can only hope that the second (Birdie) will be a breeze of regularity. And, it’s mostly been true in our house. Many of the bad habits and general attributes of a broken puppy have evaded her. Getting her to stop urinating in the house lasted the […]

Firstborn son

I’m entirely freaked out by the sperm decision. The donor decision: to know or not to know. I’m also partially freaked out by sperm in general. I was caught once by a friend describing certain qualities of sperm, to which she replied: “Aw, Buddy, you haven’t come in contact with sperm in a long time.” […]