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Baby Talk

I considered not writing about this because it could potentially offend people who otherwise support the content posted here. But then I remembered: it’s my blog and I get to write about any topic I damn well please. Which today, for no good reason, is pregnancy lingo. The world of pregnancy can be a daunting […]

Maternity Mishaps: May 3

I’ve decided to start a little Thursday tradition around here that I’m pretty confident you’ll enjoy. And even if you don’t, I’m enjoying the hell out of it so you can go pound sand. Although she encouraged me to steal this idea for my own, I do have to give some props to a friend […]

Previously titled: Snocktober

The world is a very different place since the last time I posted a blog just 48 days ago. When I last blogged, Michael Jackson’s crazy doctor was still trying to explain away his lifetime supply of Propofol; Occupiers of Wall Street et al. were still occupying; and, Kim Kardashian was still married to that […]

LGBT Health Review: Pilot

Even though blogs by nature are pretty narcissistic and self-involved, I’ve been OK writing (mostly) about only myself for the past 5 months. I was conditioned to find narcissism appealing by concentrating on non-fiction writing in college. We would write stories about our lives, aspire to publish the next great memoir, and then congratulate ourselves […]

A follow-up from Grandma Up

The bottles I ordered from 1-800-Homeopathy arrived on our doorstep last week. I ended up ordering Anxiety #320 and Sleep #173 to piggyback with my Sleepytime herbal tea. I’ve been taking two or three tissue salts of Sleep #173 at night, washing it down with tea and sleeping very soundly. It’s been a nice return […]

Fenway’s more than a ballpahk, kid.

For as much excitement as I felt all day last Thursday, I was surprised at how calm I felt on the drive into Boston. Because you can never really predict how big of a shitshow Boston traffic will be, I had allowed us plenty of spare time to thread our way along Storrow Drive; crawl […]

Can I get some Ryan Gosling sperm, already?

If Ryan Gosling is going to play hard-to-get, then I guess my next option is still to attend the “Inseminar.” The long-awaited orientation for artificial insemination put on by Fenway Health Institute, is finally upon us. So, naturally, I’m feeling a little jittery tonight. It doesn’t actually put us any closer to getting me pregnant, […]