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DADT: The Pregnancy Panel

I’ve mentioned before just how committed Meredith is to internet research. One of my favorite games to play used to be Things Meredith Googles at Night While I Sleep. Admittedly that game title is lengthy, but the game’s outcome never disappoints. On occasion she will sigh in exasperation and say: Well, that’s it. I’ve reached […]

Are You My Daddy?

Remember that children’s book “Are You My Mother?” It was one my favorites, even though a baby bird falling out of his nest and spending the next 15 pages trying to find his mother is a pretty tragic plot line for a children’s book. I remember feeling especially distressed when the baby bird climbs onto […]

Firstborn son

I’m entirely freaked out by the sperm decision. The donor decision: to know or not to know. I’m also partially freaked out by sperm in general. I was caught once by a friend describing certain qualities of sperm, to which she replied: “Aw, Buddy, you haven’t come in contact with sperm in a long time.” […]