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Urine for a treat.

We always spend our New Year’s Eves in Northampton, MA, because we only associate with lesbians and detest watching heteros suck face as we ring it in at midnight.All right, fine, that’s not true. We don’t hate heteros, but we did spend New Year’s in the western Mass. lesbian Mecca of Northampton. And, instead of […]

Can I get some Ryan Gosling sperm, already?

If Ryan Gosling is going to play hard-to-get, then I guess my next option is still to attend the “Inseminar.” The long-awaited orientation for artificial insemination put on by Fenway Health Institute, is finally upon us. So, naturally, I’m feeling a little jittery tonight. It doesn’t actually put us any closer to getting me pregnant, […]

Santa is dead.

I am easily disappointed. I tend to get very excited for and attached to things or plans. When these things or plans change, I’m told my face and demeanor looks something akin to a child who’s just lost his puppy. Meredith, who most often gets to take the brunt of my disappointment, rarely has any […]

Seeking Professional Help

The list of things that Meredith and I agree on is … short. Finding common ground can be challenging but makes for a very interesting relationship. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. A short list of discrepancies might include: 1. Music: Meredith generally hates music (although more recently has taken to singing renditions […]