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Conversations about making babies: March 1, 2011

3:56 PM me: do you know what is lovely about office life? 3:57 PM Buddy: lazing about on the internet me: oh yes that is good too but I love most free food! i think it will come in handy while preggers 3:58 PM Buddy: i want preggers time 4:05 PM Buddy: when are you […]

Being a selfish a hole.

I came down with a head cold over the weekend. The kind where your throat feels constricted and throbs and your head feels like a helium balloon. Or, what I imagine being inside a helium balloon might feel like. I’m not completely helpless when I get sick, but I can’t be expected to do much […]

It’s all basal, baby.

I bought a basal thermometer a few weeks back. It was the first, real assertive move I’d made towards pregnancy, and it cost me $9. I want to push an infant through my vagina hole about as much as I to peel off my toenails, but I want to be a mother. I want to […]