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Hipster Baby or Baby Hippo: Brooklyn Fever

Brooklyn is basically a breeding ground for hipster babies. Neighborhoods like Carroll Gardens, Park Slope and Williamsburg are crawling with horny hipsters in their 20s and 30s. And the result is a stupid number of hipster babies teetering around sidewalks, bodegas and the grassy slopes of Prospect Park. My favorite part of visiting Brooklyn is […]

Hipster Baby or Baby Hippo: Nature edition

Baby hippo is cleaning up, and who could argue? Especially when he’s trotting around with little tortoise friends and all!   But just for fun, we’re putting him up against a rare breed Hipster Ginge.    

Hipster Baby or Baby Hippo: Take 2

I know that I’m probably the only one who really enjoys this new game, but I’m going to continue to solicit participation pretending it’s just as much fun for everyone else.  So let’s get to it.   The first round went to Baby Hippo, but by a narrow margin. And I can’t say I’m at […]

Hipster Baby or Baby Hippo

One of my favorite Google image searches is: baby hippo. But then today, for no reason at all, I wondered what kind of magical images a “baby hipster” search would bring me. And, let me tell you, that is a whole other rabbit hole in which to dive. But here, in this forum alone, the […]